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This is my first game. I thought about every steps I've made(and that I will do), like the style, and why this character, what could Porto Alegre give to us? It's spring here, and the theme of PAIN Jam #1 was about the city. I thought: I really enjoy the colors of the flowers in these days and I love ride my bike to see that. Well, I know that for many of you guys, programer a game it's easy, but I'm a beginner on the engine and like a programmer, so... I'm glad about what I achieve for now, like a first one. Hope you enjoy it!


PS.: I'm still working on it!

Install instructions

Click to download and play .exe


Porto Florindo V 01.rar 13 MB


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Não encontrei onde baixar :(

Desculpe! Agora sim está lá !